Touring services to suit all productions, big or small.


When playing live shows, you need to sound your absolute best - every time.


That is especially hard when touring - arriving at venues with only minimal time for soundcheck or to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We have a lot of experience with touring, from club shows for 1-500 people to shows for 15000+.

We can provide you with all the required audio, lighting, and rigging, as well as expert audio and lighting engineers.

Got your own sound guy? Great - that's one way for your band to have a consistent sound each night. But what if the PA system one night isn't up to scratch? Touring with one of our PA systems will make sure you know what you are getting, and your band sounds the best they can every single night. 

Another factor to consider is that sound companies can charge a lot for their services, especially in regional areas. Having our equipment on tour with you costs less (even after factoring in transport) simply due to the fact it is being used every show, not just on one.


No matter how big or small your band is, we can put together a solution to suit your budget and needs.


Give us a call, it's much cheaper than you think!